Why everyone should listen to the Melvins

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Why everyone should listen to the Melvins

Date: 23-11-2020
writer: Dr. Speck

Melvins release a lot. Their latest release is "Working with God" and the song I want to emphasize on is "I fuck around". It is a perfect example of the quirckiness that is within the realm of Melvins.

They took the Beach Boys' "I get around" and changed the lyrics to " I fuck around" and this time they didn't just go all punk on it. In fact they honoured the vocal harmonies to great extend. A lot can be said about the Beach Boys, but they got their vocal harmony shit together. And so did Melvins on this "tribute".

Melvins are masters of Sludge you say? Yes, they are, but they always kept their sense of humour and this is just one of those examples.

You're a clown but always get your make-up wrong, you're a football (soccer) player with 2 left foot shoes, you're the superintendent of a warehouse with nothing but Polish speaking fuck-ups, or heck you might even go to church, this might just be the song for you!
While you're at it, might I suggest the albums "Ozma", "Houdini", and "Stoner Witch" and whatever else the fuck they released.
Just listen to the goddamn Melvins!

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